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police say a man pointed a gun at them on capitol hill, so they shot him. and a murder suicide at john hopkins hospital. and "news4 midday" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "news4 midday" i am barbara harisson. we begin with a breaking story. the officersay the man pointed a gun at them. it all happened at second and c
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street. now, up to the date details. >> porter: they have not d'd the suspect, weare told by d.c. police that he is in grave condition. you can see that u.s. capitol police are still processing the scene. there were no witnesses that we heard of. nobody that police told us about. all the details ta we are getting are just from u.s. capitol pice. they aresketchy. united states capitol police are investigating a police involved shooting, blocks from the capital. u.s. police said the shooting happened moments after a lookout for a man with a weapon. >> the original lookout was with aan with a gun. whe they saw the man
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brandishing the gun, they acted accordly. >> reporter: police are not saying how the radio lookout for the man with a weapon originated. we don't know how many officers were involved in the shoog or how many were fired. >> the area where he was shot was second and c street, capitol grounds. it is very close. you can see the dome behind us. >> reporter: u.s. capitol police say a gun was recovered on the scene. d.c. police tell us that they have homicide detectives on standby. the suspect is in grave condition. they are here in case it does turn into a death investigation. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracy. stay with us on the latest on
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this developing story. the latest information any tim on more details tonight at news4 at 4:00. now, to prince george's county police are trying to catch a person who shot a teenager. the victim was found in a park in the 2600 block. no clues to his identity or who may have lead to this tragedy. >> a gunmay barricaded himself side a hospital room. police say pa partis walked into theospital and shot and wounded a doctor caring for his 84-year-old mother. he shot and killed hi mother and turned the gun on himself. they lived in arlington, virginia. >> reporter:for more than two hours, it began with t shooting of a doctor, and ended
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when the gunman killed his own mother in her hospital bed and turned the gun on himself. we are learning more about the possible motive behind the violence. paul partis lived in this home with his ailing mother, jean davis. neighbors say he was kind and took excellent care of his mother. >> it is hard to believe. it is so hard to believe. >> he made appointments for her to go to the beauty shop. he took care of his mother. >> reporter: why wou a devoted son shoot his mother. the sibling said he thought she was suffering, and recently had surgery, and would probably never walk again. it was following a briefing from the surgeon, that police say
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partis became emotional, pulled a gun, shot the doctor, and barricaded himself in his mother's hospital room. two-hour standoff ended with partis fatally shot his mother an turned the gun on himself. those who knew them can't believe it. >> every day, he took her to the nursing thing, i can't believe he shot her. i can't believe this. it is crazy. >> reporter: john hopkins hospital has more than 80 entrances. the doctor is still being treated, dr. david cohen is expected to survive his injuries. take a look outside. beautiful day out there for this friday. at 11:05, 82 degrees in the sun.
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it feels chiier than that in the shade. >> it does. not much. it is a beautiful day. we did get needed rain. less than a 10th of an inch fell here. up to the north, nearly an inch fell in parts of northern maryland and washington. right now, warming up. the valley. and it is in the mid 70s in montgomery county, a cl morning in the 50s and low 60s until dawn. it will stay cloudy there, too. over last 12 hours, shower activity coming through, and continuing to see clouds rolling over us. they will be gone by late afternoon and thisevening. light breezes 5 to 15.
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and highs reach the mid 80s. details on the weekend forecast. >> busy in the tropics. >> yes, we will see you in a few minutes. >> we will go to steve to check on traffic. >> good moning. a rough ride on the out loop of the beltway. this is a live look at the connecticut avenue recollect all the way past 270, river road, the delay continues, as the you toward the american lesion bridge, very, very slow. the problem is ahead of this. on the virginia side, outer loop, georatown pike, it is two right lanes blocked for the accident. that is why we are slowed. a major delay right now. on the outer loop, you need a lot of extra time this morning.
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barbara, back to you. fenty won the republican primary as a write-in candidate. a total of 822 republicans wrote in fey's name. he wanted to r as a republican, he would have to rentalster with the party and notify officials by the en of today. fenty said he will not switch parties. >> the maryland state board of lections turned turn out to 24%. six days of early votingly opportunities. montgomery county with the lowest turn-out. maryland, nearly40% of citizens voting. it is 9:08, a violent storm hit
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new york city, leaving thousands without power. and the woman claiming to be attacked with acid. and .
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police in washington state say a woman who claimed s was a victim of acid attack made it up. t wounds from chemicals on her face were self inflicted. she said a black woman threw the acid. she claimed it dn't get in her eyes because she was wearing sunglasses. she fabricated the story after detectives started questioning her. >> you look at the splash pattern, look at the time of night, it was all the little things that didn't add up. >> police searched her home, did not say what they seized. y evidence goes to prosecutors who decide whether or not to file charges. police are looking for a way to return gifts sent to her
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sympathy. >> a woman was killed when a tree fell on her car. the power storm and tornado warnings inhree burrows. >> meantime in ohi residents are cleaning up after a possible tornado there last night. homes were without power, the agricultural and research center isclosed. no serious injuries have been reported so far. they had a surprise with the storm up in new york. right in the city. >> the same storms that gave us rain, it moved through southern new england. now, setting the stage are for a
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terrific weekend. we have a lot going on. one of the blig things is the blue mont fair. the 41st annual fair going on since 1969. it is going on saturday and sunday. a wonderful location, a lot of fun for the family. and a lot of things going on this weekend. the weather will be cooperati. take a look at the skies this morning. a wonderful view of what we call the rays, you can see shooting into the stratos fear. the same storm in the new york city area, the rays of sun through the high clouds that were poking up in the atmosphere. it was down below, you could see
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this is right before dawnhis morning. we have a bit of cloudiness. that is the live deal. and winds gusting out of the northwest, 20, 25 miles an hour. the west virginia, more cloudiness from the blue ridge to the bay, on the eastern shore, lower southern maryland, near 80. these are the rainfall toelts, generally less than a 10 of an inch, from fairfax. that that is parched region.
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it was nice to get rain. west virginia, cool morning there now. eastern shore, near 80, a beautiful day at the beach. there are the storms through the north. some of those showers passing through now passing over. now, the tropics areactive. hurricane carl moving inland over central mexico. hurrane igor is spinning. the winds dinished, but it is a major hurricane. moving northwest to get to it passing east of the bermuda. along our atlantic beaches, heavy surf and rip currents as well, as igor passes through the central atlantic. sending waves back to the atlantic seaboard.
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nonow, this the be moving over us to the north and drying things out and continuing this dry pattern. we will have a weak front through the great lakes late on saturday. by sunday, moving into the mountains, on sunday. we should have a warm day and then dry airoving in. it looks like w will stay dry through next week. partly cloudy into the afternoon, increasing clouds -- raer than, increasing sunshine. by dawn tomorrow, temperatures bottoming out in the 50s after we hit the low mid 80s in the afternoon. during the day on saturday, it should be mostly sunny, afternoon highs near 80, all the great college for college and basketball gamesnd outdoor
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reck plans. sunday, mid 90s, good weather for the skins and the texa at fetex field, sudden another, 4:00 game. by kickoff, around 80. drop into the 70s. during the afternoon monday, into the low 80s with sunshine around. and it does appear it will. we do need more rain. >> i know, i can see it in my lawn. i will take a nice weekend without the rain. >> we are all looking forward to it. checking on the mid-day traffic.
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>> very slow right now in montgomery, near old georgiatown road. the backup beginning between connecticut avenu across the american bridge, over to cross-town pike. the accident is still there, blocking two. by contrast, look at this southbound 95, moving nicely. even though there is c construction. >> a health scare for a "price is right" legend, bob barber. >> babieare going gaga over lady gaga first. here is a look at
11:20 am hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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the most branches and atms inhe dc area. what's your wallet? ove, go long! time to check out the weekend scene with "the washington post" nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> baseball, and opera. >>he washington national opera is expecting 20,000 to watch the simultaneous of they are holding e whole thing at national stadium. they call it opera in the outfield. it is completely free. all you have to do is show up on sunday. the performance starts at 2:00. the cool thing, you can have a hot dogat the opera.
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>> it will be on the big screen? >> yes, it will. and people get to go on the field itself, which is a t of fun. >> you don't have to have a ticket, just show up. >> they have room for plenty. >> we willo actfesting. >> many believe it starts in october, but it starts in september in germany. one local bar starting early, the beer garden, beginning this weekend, starts on saturday, and of course, beer, plenty of german food, and it should be a lot of fun. if you are looking for one that falls in october, cassidy brewings in shirrlington, and the maryland state brewers have a great one. that one is fun, they hve folks
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competin to carry our wife for beer. >> it sounds like fun. >> thank you. for more ideas for your weeke, log on to the aroundtown second on. >> and the threat on the pope. and the weekend forecast. stick around for the nate berkus show on nbc.
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here is what is happening right now at midday. police tell us a man is in grave
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condition in the hospital after getting shot by capitol police. according to police investigators they opened fire after the gunman pointed a gun at them near the capitol know. snoo after being shot by the sop of a patient. the gunman, 50-year-old paul partis offanling ton, killed his mother and herself. his siblings say he cooperate bear to see her suffering. the tree fell on a car, killing the driver. the big apple got storms of up to 100 mles an hour. officials think they will be up and lunning by the end of this day. >> now to the showdown in peru, the mother of natalee holloway
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confronted the man who may have been involved with her dispierce. >> beth hol istill in peru, according to the attorney. she said she heard enough of his stories in prison. she teamed up with a beth holloway twitty entered the prison, and told joran van der sloot saying she had no hate in her heart for him. >> he is held in connection with the death of stepny flores. her death was decided on the five-year anniversary of the
11:31 am
disappearance of natalee holloway in arub a he was the main person in that case, never convicted. he is charged with extorting money from natalee holloway's family for inrmation. >> i took advantage of the situation. >> she did most of the talking, when she was finished, joran said he couldn't talk and handed her his attorney's business card. they removed her once they deterned she didn't have permission to talk to him. >> this is what, she is focused
11:32 am
and motivated. she is being driven from hurt right now. >> reporter: van der sloot's attorney said she is being used by the media to create a tv speci special. an alleged threat on pope benedt. there was no immediate word on the suspect, but the men were no british, and thre are no plans to change the pope's identity. some good nighs down in the gulf, the blown-out well should
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be closed permanently by sday. the well can't be declared dead until it is completely sealed from the bottom. those who live on the coast are counting down the hos, until this disaster is over. >> it is well overdue, we are glad it is coming. light at the end of the tunnel. >> meantime, independent scientists say they have found blankets of oil, frrp miles and up to two inches thick. >> it. mz reports that bob barker fainted the a gun range. he was released.
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bob now says he was dehydrated ands going to rest for a while. >> this week, announced they will push to extend the national smong ban. the city banned smoking in restaurants in 2003. here is a story that gives new meaning to the meaning, sugar-high. it is mix wide pot. it is served up to medical. one contained the equivalent of eight joints it is a high class
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option for patients who want a healthier alternative to smoking. >> everybody here is trying to tell us they loved it. we have a lotof people who came out for seconds and thirds and fourths. you must be a carry carrying marijuana patient and you can't eat the ice cream on the premises. >> we have sunshine breaking through the cloudiness. in the wake of the overnight, there is a live view of the potomac river, to the left is watch watch, to the right is virginia. few locations in the mountains in the 60s. around the bay, and near the beacs. one the last 12 hours, clouds
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coming through. tomorrow, mid 50s, low humidity, great for games and recreation. sunday, mlder in the 50s, afternoon highs, great weather for the skins and the texans game. kickoff time, it will probably be 80 degrees. afternoon monday with bright sunshine, low 80s and the dry pattern conditions into nex week, on tuafternoon highs in the mid 80s. i will be back with another
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update in a few minutes. >> gotlans for the weekend? >> sure do. >> you a going to the river? >> i was on the potomac, some areas are eight inches deep. we need rain. >> thanks, tom. waiting for metro to reduce the cost of the smartcards, you have to wait longer. there are apparently a number of concerns, one of the reasons metro may run out of cards, two, people could use them and skip out and paying the fares of
11:38 am
$2.50. each card costs $thirty-nine.90, that leaves fve minute snoo state officls held a ribbon cutting for it on monday stimulus money helped to pay for theoad way. we are in delays, not as bad as it was. connecticut avenue, there is extebsive delay leaving montgomery county, across the american lesion brige to get past georgetown pike. to the left, at the spring
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thereto field interchange, we are looking good. southbound on i-95. make your way south of springfield. as you can see in the hov lanes are helping that southbound friday late-morning trip and continuing. >> the popularity of singer lady gaga is growing, from bad copy cats to halloween costems, we are seeing where everywhere we look these days. a look at what is hot, what is not, with lady go go. >> can't believe this. cute costumes should be a goblin or a carrot, how about lady gaga?
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this costume is fantastic,sold online, $40 or make your daughter or son to look like lady ga. >> that isn't as far out as lady gagagoes. >> this is a vm -- as far as baby gaga, it is a se gaga. i don't know if i have seen a baby britney spears or i have never seen babies -- >> they are riding the gagatrain is. >> courtney love is on the
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bandwagon. married to curt cobane, has a band called hole. i feel bad for her to see this it is a lot of laughing at, i think. >> another singer o has a listen to a version of a song, bad romance somebody else has done. ♪ >> okay. what do you think of that? >> she sunds like stephen tyler but hoarse. >> you think she should try something else? >> yes. i feel bad for her, honestly.
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>> send her a not talk talk about it on the roompt. >> yes. >> i will be looking for the
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> continental and unit read geing together, and lawmakers are fighting for more tax breaks, courtney reagan joins u with that and more. >> we started the day up slightly, wrapping up the trading, a couple of hours left to goto see if we will close in the red or turn to the green. it could be partly due to
11:46 am
earnings we saw last night from oracle and research in motion, texas instruments, we saw asian markets rise overnight, europe, positive. we got consumer price index that did rise in lpaugust, that is according to the government figure. inflation, still not a huge problem. consum stiment below expectation, i think it is no surprise there is a lot of fear out there in the marke place. and a witching day, contracts for stock and expire. we were up earlier, and now we are down. not by huge links. accounting for some of that shareholders have voted for the airlines merger. if it is approved, it could be
11:47 am
the largest airline. a few -- passengers filed a lawsuit saying it would lead to higher fares. offer tax breaks to them in hopes of expanding and hiring new workers. meanwhile, the fight over when to extend the bush-era tax cuts continues. nancy pelosi said she can't justify it, saying the u.s. can't afford the price tag. it has been a busy week. time for the weekend. >> ready for it. >> thanks, see you on monday. >> 11 cl 47, a frightening scene for any parent, a child in the street in front of on-coming
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all eyes are on new techniques to help you maintain a youthful ok. today, eye lid rejuvenation, from the center of cosmettic surgery. new tings for staying
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beautiful. talk about eye lid rejuvenation. is this something for years? >> it is the most common for rejuvenation. yes, it is new in the sense that in the old days, put fat out, now we can do it under local an nes thezia. >> you sent us examples, men are having eyelid surgery. chris norris, from "sex in the city." have a look. how can we tell? >> he looks tired, bags under his eyes. it maes us look fresh when we are tired. that is key in chris's business.
11:52 am
>> for those in politics, it is hard for them to not be noticed if they make a big change. look at hillary litton. >> i think she looks great. a tough job, there is a lot -- it makes you look not so tired. great longevity. >> how long does someone have to disappear from the public eye, for anybody? >> it is a vacation, you dippear for seven to 1 days, you are looking. >> look at one of your patients that you brought us before and after pictures. and explain to us how you determine if it is something that you need.
11:53 am
>> again, if you can't see your upper eye lids, if you have bags, your friends saying, didn't you sleep last night? then, these are signs of maybe i should do my eyes. local anes thezia, it lasts a lifime. >> do you see as many men as you do women having this done? >> about 30% of our patients are men. i have hadmy eyes done ten years ago. it is long lasting. i am in the want, we need to look sharp and fresh. men are just as vain as women. >> who are the best candidates? >> upper eyes, if you can't see your upir eye lid. if youokñ have bags, i don't li
11:54 am
to operate on people with one seeing eye. i think that is a ba idea. anybody who is aging. >> almost any age. >> give us an idea. >> the uer and the lower with or without anes thezia, between 3,000 and 6,000 dollars. >> many times it is local anesth anesthetia. >> we will give more infoation about what people can do. >> thank you. >> we will look at the stories coming up this morning. >> comingup o news4, the daily show jon stewart planning a rally in washington.
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>> workers held hostage inside the discovery building, and who they credit for saving their lives. coming up at 4:00. >> time to take a final check of the forecast. tom? >> here is the live view from our sky watcher. temperatures are in the 70s, from the valley, we are off to a nice start this morning. increasing sunshine into the afternoon hours. we take a look at the forecast this this afternoon, low and mid 80s, a bit of a breeze.
11:56 am
overnight tonight, it should be good for friday night revelry. and great weather for all the high schooand football games, and 70s to 80 degrees. then, lows in the 50s, partly cloudy day, a dry front coming through with clouds by sundayafternoon, into the mid 80s, great weather day for the skins and the texans. bhi kickoff time, 80 degrees through the game. sunday evening, partly cloudy. then, as we get into monday ternoon, we should be back up to 80 or so. a bit above average temperates. the averageigh is in the 70 thundershower time of year.
11:57 am
looking into next week, tuesday looks to be a mostly sunny day. afternoon highs near 80. milder into mid week with a south earlily breeze, 80s, wednesday and thursday. a chance of a shower, we do need more rain in the 60s in the morning. have a great weekend, see you monday mornin if you have a toddler, you know how important i is to keep your eye on him at all times. she took the boy to a park, he woke up from a nap and got into the middle of traffic.
11:58 am
a truck driver stopped and found the mother. police questioned the mom, didn't file charges. boy, was s lucky! we thank you for being with us, and invite you at 4:00, 5:00, and 11:00. i will be back on monday for "news4 midday." have a terrific weekend. we will see you then.
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